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Simplify Your Ability to Sell

2000Charge has developed new smart technologies that allows web-based merchants to accept a large number of online payments from consumers worldwide while maintaining simplicity. These payment solutions are known as "Alternative Payments" and are designed to both complement credit cards and guarantee merchants an increase in sales.

If you are familiar with selling Visa and MasterCard processing services, then selling alternative payments will be easy!

One Button
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Benefits of the "One Button"

2000Charge has simplified alternative payments by by developing one button that covers a wide variety of global payments. The "one button" detects where the consumer is located, displays their flag, and tells them in their own language to click on it to make a payment.

  • Simple Setup
    No worries. One line of code is all that is needed to get merchants going. No hour-long technical exercises or reading 50-page user manuals. One contract, One setup, One Solution, and One button. That’s all they need!
  • Global Solution
    In many countries credit cards are not the common method of payment and merchants can easily expand their market globally by accepting domestic payments from all continents through One Single Button.
  • New Options are added automatically
    In the dynamic Internet arena, payment methods are continuously evolving and with 2000Charge your merchant will receive the benefit of always having the latest payment options at the touch of a button.
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