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About Us

Founded in 1999, 2000Charge provides web-based merchants with the Technology to accept Alternative Payment Solutions. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, operates worldwide and has global reach in the European Union, Canada, Latin  America, Asia Pacific and the United States.

2000Charge Merchant Services is your single point of contact for SEPA Direct Debits, GiroPay, Ideal, DirectPAy, Post Fiancee and Union-Pay solutions. As your one source in an industry of constant change, 2000Charge is leading the way with innovation. A relationship with 2000Charge not only improves your satisfaction and ease of transaction processing today, but it will also ensure a superior value proposition for the future.

2000Charge Merchant services will assist you in establish your relationship with International Payment networks so you can clear your International transactions. Our Merchant services will provide you with everything to make your international transactions successful. Our Gateway will give you the reporting and transaction engine you need, available fraud options, customer support, and all multi Language multi currency capabilities makes your international presence a success. Also we will assist you with Marketing to attract more International clients, all this thru one single point.

Through our smart One Button technology, we offer an array of payment services that addresses the needs of consumers by providing them their preferred payment method in their own language and currency. Each solution we offer is backed by our customer support service and we provide a complete back-office and transaction management functionalities.

2000Charge is a registered ISO with several European, Latin American, and Asian banks.

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